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Dog Weathervane – Gordon Setter Pointing

Pointing Gordon Setter Weather Vane


This copper Gordon Setter Dog Weathervane with optional gold leafed accents is crafted in swell-bodied style and features distinctive tooling which gives the fur a realistic texture on the body. The artists in our shop have each created a personal set of hammers for working with detailed textures. By varying each hammer blow, they can create a fine silky show coat or a heavy field dog style coat.

With the aid of your photos, we can further personalize your dog weather vane in nuances of stature or stance. With the additional option of gold or palladium leaf gilding we can bring out your pet’s distinctive spots with a visual brightness that will remain for many decades. You may also choose to add a collar or collar and tag inscribed with your dog’s name.

The Gordon Setters are a medium sized breed of dog, a member of the setter family that also includes the more common Irish Setters and English Setters and the less-common Irish Red and White Setter. While the purposes of the three breeds are similar, there are many distinctions that make each of the four setters physically and behaviorally unique.