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Dog Weathervane – Greyhound Racing

Racing Greyhound Weather Vane


This popular copper Greyhound Dog Weathervane features glass eyes and distinctive tooling which gives the fur a realistic texture on the body. Our glass eye selection can accommodate a variety of dog eye colors. If you send us photographs of your special canine, we can personalize this weather vane to become a portrait. You can further individualize your sculpture piece with the addition of optional gold or palladium leafing to bring out your pet’s distinctive markings, dog collars bearing your dog’s name, and further inscriptions on the bar of the vane. 

Adding non-ferrous, precious metal gilding to a vane adds a long lasting brightness that will enhance the distinctive visual for many decades as the copper weathers and eventually patinas.

The Greyhound was originally bred for hunting and racing, though today it is a cherished companion animal and there are many organizations that find homes for these special dogs, such as Greyhound Friends For Life in the San Francisco Bay Area.