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Dog Weathervane – Jack Russell Terrier with Squirrel

Jack Russell with Squirrel Weather Vane


This copper and brass Jack Russell Terrier Dog Weathervane was commissioned by a couple whose Jack Russell, appropriately named “Jack”, lived to chase squirrels. When we talked about the design they wanted, they mentioned this personality trait, so we created the design around his passion.

Since it was a portrait of Jack, we worked from photos they sent us to match his markings using a combination of copper and brass. Another popular option is to use gold leaf to match the markings. With the gold-leafing option, you get a more vivid contrast in coloration than you do with the copper and brass combination.

As with most of our animal weathervanes, this one features glass eyes and distinctive tooling which gives the fur a realistic texture and sculpts the contours of his body. We offer a selection of different colored glass eyes to accommodate a variety of dog eye colors.

There is also an option of adding an inscription on the dog collar, or on a tag. We have inscribed vanes for customers with the names of multiple dogs that have been family through the years. For one family we placed a different dog name on each side of the collar and another on the tag. We can also add another inscription on the bar beneath the dog’s feet, if requested.

The Jack Russell Terrier is a type of small terrier that has its origins in fox hunting and rat catching. The name ‘Jack Russell’ had been used for several types of Russell terrier dog breeds, but is now most commonly used for working terriers.