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Dog Weathervane – Jack Russell on Point

Jack Russell Terrier Weather Vane, Pointing


Our Pointing Jack Russell Terrier was originally commissioned as a portrait piece, and was one of several of our weather vanes this customer installed on her new horse farm. She has also commissioned  vanes of her farm logo, a Mare and Foal  weathervane, a Warmblood weathervane, and a portrait Stallion weathervane. Once a customer has ordered one vane from us, they have a lifetime 10% off an any future purchases.

This particular Jack Russell weather vane is an all copper sculpture piece with optional gold leafing to replicate the markings of her dog. We used brown glass eyes with black pupils to give it a more animated appearance. Customers can also specify gender and we can add optional collars with tags in the shape of hearts, circles or dog bones. We can even stamp your dog’s name on the tag. Another option is to add a half arrow or grasses to the horizontal copper tube to create a more natural environment.

Our customer also chose to have ‘Lucky Pennies‘ sealed into her vane.  The tradition of pennies inside weathervanes goes back to Victorian times, when a penny from the year of manufacture was routinely included. At West Coast Weather Vanes we have expanded on that lovely idea, and also add pennies from years that are meaningful to the recipient of the weathervane. We have, at times, put in pennies to celebrate the life of a beloved pet, or important family and work related dates.

The eponymous Jack Russell Terrier is an energetic and alert breed, bred originally for fox hunting by the Reverend John (Jack) Russell. He started with the now extinct English White Terrier. There are numerous Terrier breeds mistakenly referred to as the smooth coated Jack Russell, primarily the Russell Terrier, the Parson Russell Terrier, and the Rat Terrier. As was the case with the customer who originally ordered this weathervane, they also make terrific companion animals for horses.