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Dog Weathervane – Labrador Retriever Lying Down

Golden Lab Laying Down Weather Vane


When you look at this Labrador Retriever Weathervane, Lying Down, imagine it atop a two cupola barn, with a Lab Sitting Weathervane on the second cupola. This project turned out so adorable, as the two dogs, buddies in real life, would spin in the wind to face and chase each other. A great project and a great way to enjoy our 10% discount when you order two vanes at once.  There are so many fun combinations possible, Cat and Dog, Cat and Mouse, Lion and Lamb, to name a few.

This weather vane was fabricated in copper, and hand textured for a proper fur look. The customers requested optional gold leaf on all of the fur, to keep the sculpture bright over time and to be more representative of their Goldens. The glass eyes are brown. The inscribed collar is copper, as is the dog’s nose. These two will darken to a greater contrast. Our dog collars and tags provide the opportunity for three inscriptions, one on each side of the collar, and one on the tag. We can also put an inscription on the horizontal bar, for the vanes that have one.

If you send us pictures of your lab, we can personalize this piece to create a portrait of your ‘best friend’.