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Dog Weathervane – Old English Sheepdog Standing

Standing Old English Sheepdog Weathervane


This Old English Sheepdog Weather Vane originated from photos sent by our customer. We used optional gold leaf in combination with the copper to capture the two colors of its coat. For readily apparent reasons, this is one of our few dog weathervanes where we do not use custom glass eyes.

This sheepdog is shown in the classic conformation pose with head held high and legs together. This style of weathervane is called mirror-image, meaning the pattern pieces for both sides of the weathervane are identical. However, this does not actually mean the dog itself needs to be identical on both sides.

I’ll explain:

Several years ago, we had a customer with two Old English Sheepdogs. He couldn’t decide which one to use as the model for his vane. Our solution was to create individual markings on opposite sides of the weathervane; each side representing one of his dogs. On one side of the collar we stamped one dog’s name, and on the other side, we stamped the other dog’s name. When the wind turns, he sees one of his dogs and when the wind turns the opposite direction, he sees the other. He was very pleased with this solution and commented on his fortune to get  two Sheepdog Weather Vanes for the price of one! So, although the pattern pieces on each side of the weathervane were identical, the dog weathervane itself was distinctly different, depending on the wind.

When you order a weathervane from West Coast Weather Vanes, you are given the opportunity to select the metal combination, eye color if applicable, ‘lucky’ pennies and optional gold and/or palladium leafing to match your dog’s markings. We are always open to creating new designs, perhaps showing the sheepdog running, sitting, interacting with a ball or even taking a walk with its owner. We try to personalize each weathervane we make to capture the personality and spirit of the dog being represented. If you have an idea or questions about this process, please give us a call. We’d be happy to explain how we go from idea to finished weathervane.