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Dog Weathervane – Elhew Pointer Pointing

Elhew Pointer Weathervane on Point


This Elhew Pointer Weather Vane was commissioned for a breed enthusiast in Alabama. The design was inspired by a famous sculpture of Elhew Snakefoot which can be seen at the National Bird Dog Museum in Grand Junction, TN.

We made the Elhew Pointer Weathervane featured here in copper with copper collar and tag. Since each weathervane is handcrafted to individual order, we can make the dog male or female. We can also make the collar and tag in brass or optional gold leaf to provide a contrast between the dog and its collar. The dog has brown glass (taxidermy) eyes with black pupils, for an alert and lifelike appearance.

Another option popular with our Elhew Pointing is having the dog posed atop a shotgun instead of a horizontal tube representing the ground. We can also add optional grasses and or cattails to create a more naturalistic setting. A pheasant or distinctive duck feather could also be used to serve as the ‘wind catcher’ portion of the sculpture piece. Please feel free to use your imagination to come up with a design that best suits your Elhew Pointer.

Robert G. Wehle started the Pointer breeding program at Elhew Kennels in 1936. He established a long range breeding plan and adopted conformation and psychological standards. Mr. Wehle’s ultimate objective was to produce, over a period of years, a strain of pointers that would consistently fulfill these standards – a strain that would produce true to type generation after generation. This strain was to be of the quality necessary, not only to win field trials, but be pleasing to the eye and satisfy the most discriminating sportsman as gun dogs. After many years of effort and many generations of breeding, he felt that he achieved these basic objectives. The Elhew Pointer breed was refined for over 66 years before his passing.

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