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Dog Weathervane – Rottweiler Standing

Standing Rottweiler Weather Vane


The Standing Rottweiler Weather Vane pictured is made of copper with optional gold leaf defining the dog’s tan markings and teeth. As the copper patinas a deep chocolate brown, the gold leafed accents will stand out in vivid contrast.

We use custom crafted brown glass eyes with black pupils to give the Rottweiler a more lifelike and alert appearance. Many of our customers send us photographs of their Rottweilers, which helps us fine tune the details, modifying features like the dog’s distinctive markings or whether to have the dog’s mouth open or closed, all with the intention of capturing each dog’s distinctive personality.

Because we craft each weathervane to order, we can also indicate the dog’s gender. If our customer’s want their dog to be male, we can adjust our shaping techniques to give the dog a more powerful and muscular physique. If desired, we can shape the females to with a slightly sleeker and more refined musculature. For more information on creating a portrait weathervane of your dog, please give us a call.

Other optional personalizations include adding a collar which can be made in copper or brass with or without added gold leaf. This collar can be made with an accompanying tag in the shape of a heart, circle or dogbone. Your dog(s) name can be stamped onto the collar and/or tag. Some of our customers request that we stamp their dog’s full pedigree name on the horizontal copper tube beneath the dog’s paws. One Rottweiler Weathervane customer liked her vane so much she asked us if she could use our design for the tombstone she later had made for her beloved ‘Rottie’. We were, of course, honored and gave her permission to do so.