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Dog Weathervane – Scottish Terrier Standing

Standing Scottish Terrier Weather Vane


The Scottish Terrier Weather Vane shown here (also known as an Aberdeen Terrier) was crafted in copper with the name of the dog stamped into an optional gold leafed collar. Another option would be a tag on the collar in the shape of a heart, circle or dog bone. Using both sides of the collar and the tag, we can stamp the names of up to three different dogs onto the collar/tag combo. There is also room to stamp your dog’s full pedigree name on the horizontal copper tube beneath dog’s paws, if desired.

We have used custom made brown glass eyes with black pupils set in almond shaped openings to create the alert and life like appearance for which Scottie’s are known. He/she also has erect pointed ears that show off nicely when viewed against the skyline. Shown in the classic conformation pose with head held high and feet together, we have emphasized the breeds distinctive shape and dignified appearance.

Many of our Scottish Terrier Weathervanes have been made for breeders. As shown here, we have textured the metal to emphasize a silky show coat and skirt. Our artisan crew can also create the rugged and wiry looking ‘fur’ coat more typical of an active family dog by using a different combination of specialized texturing hammers. A breeder ordered a personalized version of this weather vane with a half arrow tip and fletching below the horizontal copper tube and optional gold leafed lettering displaying the kennel’s name. This customer placed his weather vane right at the entry to his facility and wrote it off as an advertising expense.

The customer photos above were taken for us by architect for this lovely project. We appreciate customers sending us shots of how our vanes look in place. Thank you Frank Shirley Architects,

As with many of our dog weather vanes, we offer more than one pose from which you can select. We could make your Scottie in a running pose, playing catch with a ball or frisbee or even chasing a squirrel. Each weathervane we create is fabricated to individual order. If a different pose might better capture the personality or spirit of your dog, please let us know. For over twenty-five years we have specialized in custom weathervanes and, by far, our most popular designs are our cats and dogs. If you have an idea, rest assured that we have had lots of practice creating just the right weathervane for the person who orders it.