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Dog Weathervane – Triple Labrador Sitting and Lying Portrait

Sitting, Lying, Standing Labrador Dog Weather Vane


This Triple Labrador Dog Weathervane is a portrait piece. It is always sweet for us to work on portraits. The customer sends us pictures of the actual dogs at work and play, and we go from there trying to capture the personality of each. Our skilled artisans worked as a team on this project and we love how well it came together. This customer also chose optional gold leafing on two of the dogs with contrasting copper collars and inscribed tags. For balance we then applied gold leafing on the darker middle dog’s collar and tag. The collars also have inscriptions.

We used swell bodied style in fabricating this copper vane. The eyes are glass. The gold gilding will create a visual brightness for many years as the copper darkens in weathering. It will age beautifully.

Because all of our weather vanes are made to order we can personalize an existing design to be a portrait. Or, as we did for this customer, we can create a unique original piece for you.