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Dog Weathervane – Wheaten Terrier Running

Running Wheaten Terrier Weather Vane


Our Running Wheaten Terrier Weather Vane showcases an active breed of dog in an active pose. To capture the soft silver colorations of their ears and nose, we can use optional nickel silver or a palladium leaf application to match these markings. We can also stamp your dog(s) name onto an optional collar and tag in the shape of a circle, heart or dogbone. If you prefer, we can stamp your dog’s pedigree name onto a plaque attached to the horizontal copper tube beneath the dog’s paws.

Customers are always welcome to provide photographs of their Wheaten Terrier for a customized weather vane depicting their dog. We offer several other Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Weathervane designs, one version showing the Wheaten in a play bow facing a surprised looking rabbit (or cat, or squirrel) and the other is in the classic conformation pose. Our goal with these different poses is to create a weathervane that captures the personality of the specific dog being represented.

The Running Wheaten Terrier Vane has been popular with breeders, people who show their dogs and with families celebrating their beloved pet. For breeders, we can stamp the name of your kennel onto the horizontal copper tube and you can display it for advertising purposes, taking a tax write off while informing your customers of your profession.

For show dogs, you can send us photos of your dog and we will modify the design to highlight the nuances for which your Wheaten is known and texture the metal to give it a smooth silky show coat.

For the family pet, we can modify the coat and beard clip, and we can show it playing with a ball or other animal. Just let us know your preferences when you place your order and we will modify the Wheaten design accordingly.