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Dragon with Books Weathervane

Dragon Hoarding Books Weather Vane


This Dragon with Books Weathervane design was created for a customer putting a library on his property. He decided to have us make a lion weather vane for his library….but we like this dragon book design so much we want to offer it. The customer who buys it will be getting #1 in the series without the design fees!

As designed it would be a copper dragon in detailed swell-bodied style, and brass books. There is optional gold leaf on the dragon and the book pages, and the dragon has blue glass eyes. But these details are all decided when we take the order. Each of our weather vanes is essentially a custom piece because you choose the metal combinations, the optional gilding, the eye color, the inscriptions, if any, and any other personalizations that will make this the weather vane you want on or in your home.