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Eagle Weathervane – Antique

Eagle Weather Vane - Deco


Our classic Antique Eagle Weathervane was first commissioned by a school principal as a gift of appreciation to the school community she had spent many wonderful years with, as she was moving on. It was designed exactly to replace the original weather vane that had been on the school for many many years, but had been stolen. From the pictures you can see that a security device was installed. At West Coast Weather Vanes we always install a security device on our winged sculpture pieces, to assure they do not ‘take flight’ in high winds. In this situation, it was dual purpose, also inhibiting theft.

This all copper Eagle Weather Vane was constructed in 3D Style with brown glass eyes. The arrow and fetching shaft was inscribed with the schools name.

This design would easily personalize to hawk, from eagle, and, with the use of different metals, or the addition of optional gilding, create the particular markings of a bird’s plumage. Varying metals age with slight variations in color and gilding will remain a bright true color for years as the copper weathers and patinas. Please contact us if you would like to discuss some variations to this or any of our designs to make them yours.