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Elephant Weathervane – African

African Elephant Weather Vane Walking


The African Elephant Weather Vane shown here, of the genus Loxodonta, is constructed entirely of copper. The customer who originally commissioned this weathervane wanted it depicted simply and without tusks. For those who want them, tusks can be added in either copper or brass at no additional charge. If desired, the tusks can also be gilded with the cost of the gold leaf being determined by the size weathervane ordered.

In the vane shown here, the horizontal tube under the elephant’s feet is meant to represent the ground. In some of our weathervanes, customers request copper or brass grasses attached to the horizontal tube, creating a more naturalistic environment. Another option is adding a half arrow tip and fletching to indicate wind direction. We use brown glass eyes with black pupils to give our elephant a more lifelike and animated appearance.

Since each weathervane is made to order, we can even transform this weathervane into a portrait of a particular elephant! Tusks come in all sizes and shapes and there is a strong hereditary component to their appearance. If there is a particular elephant that captures your imagination, male or female, young or old, please let us know. Over the past several decades we have created many portrait weathervanes based on a beloved person or animal.

We have also talked to customers about adding an Oxpecker bird or Cattle Egret (in gold or palladium leaf) to the elephant’s back. We once discussed with a father/husband adjusting this weathervane design for a 40th birthday gift for his wife. She collected Elephant statuary since she was a girl and continues her passion about them. He was thinking of adding two baby elephants, showcasing the affection demonstrated between a mother and her children. He did not end up ordering the weathervane but I will always remember that lovely conversation and what a wonderful and memorable gift that would have been.

In addition to the African Elephant Weathervane, we also offer an Asian Elephant Weathervane and a Ganesha Weathervane based on the beloved Hindu elephant god.

African elephants are currently found in 37 countries in Africa. They are distinguished from Asian elephants in several ways, the most noticeable being their ears. Africans’ ears are much larger and are shaped – some note – like the continent of their origin. The African is typically larger than the Asian and has a concave back. Both African males and females have external tusks and are usually less hairy than their Asian cousins.

Both African and Asian elephants have long been written into folklore and not just in their native lands. Elephant representations installed at the entrance to a dwelling place are said to ensure longevity and luck. In the United States, the elephant is also famous as the national symbol for the Republican Party while the donkey is the symbol for the Democratic Party. If you are feeling particularly patriotic a wonderful pairing of weathervanes would be the American Flag weathervane in conjunction with either the Elephant or the Donkey Weathervane! If you order two weathervanes from us at the same time, there is a 10% discount on both.