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Eskimo Weathervane – Female

Eskimo Weather Vane Female

Exclusive Design of Rie Munoz

This exclusive Eskimo Weathervane was commissioned by a collector of the work of Rie Munoz, who some consider to be the finest living artist in Alaska. The design was based on one of her iconic figures and sits atop her gallery in Juneau, Alaska. It was crafted in copper, in the swell-bodied style, with gold leaf accents. The eyes are translucent glass. We often work with customers who wish to order exclusive designs (meaning only they have the right to reorder this design at any point in the future).

We love the process of working with customers to create the weather vane that moves them. We even do portraits! In addition to exclusive weather vanes we also customize and personalize. Because all of our weathervanes are custom made to order, if you see a design here on our website that you can envision changes to make it truly yours, do call. Or if you have an idea for any original new design, call. However it works best for you, we would love the conversation and making you your weathervane.