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Feather Weathervane – Curved

Curved Feather Weather Vane


This Curved Feather Weather Vane is one of several feather vanes offered by West Coast Weather Vanes. The simple shape of a curved feather presents an elegant profile against the skyline.

The feather weathervane shown here represents a ‘generic’ feather. If you have a favorite bird we can personalize this weather vane for you showcasing a distinctive feather from that bird. Examples of this can be seen on our Eagle Feather Weather Vane and our Pheasant in Flight Weather Vane.

In Colonial times copper weather vanes were used to denote a person’s profession. For example, a butcher might have a bull weather vane, a ship builder might have a ship weather vane and an inn might have a stagecoach weathervane. In the case of our Feather Weather Vane, it can also double as a quill and has turned out to be a popular design with bookstores, lawyers and writers.