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Feather Weathervane – Three Eagle Feathers

Eagle Feather Weather Vane


This Eagle Feather Weathervane was an interesting project for us here, at West Coast Weather Vanes. Our customer considered several sketches and ended up deciding on a non-traditional design that does not employ the horizontal bar that is so commonly used in weather vanes. It was crafted in the swell bodied style, giving it strength and depth and visual completeness from both sides. The customer requested optional gold leafing on the tips of the feathers, which will maintain a light bright character for many years as the copper and brass weather, darken, and then patina.

The Eagle is a symbol of soaring power and composure. It is used in heraldry, sporting emblems, and many religions, to represent elevated abilities. The feathers have been considered sacred, and are mentioned as far back as the mythology of Zeus.