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Cameraman Weathervane – Filmmaker

Cameraman Weather Vane Filmmaker


Creating this Cameraman Weathervane was a pleasure for us. Originally commissioned in 2005 it is an iconic homage to an era that was ending as digital film making and projecting was the next great advancement in this fast past technological industry. Imagine, as we entered the 1900’s the first movie was shot on a camera that panned—prior to that movies were minutes long and cameras were stationary. A mere 100 years later and we have feature length films, in color, with sound, and animation, and special effects often shot digitally on a camera that will practically fit in your pocket! And the cameraman had the fun of pushing this envelope and playing with these ‘toys’.

Our filmmaker is crafted of copper sheet and brass tube in swell bodied style. Because of the intricate detail of this piece our most senior artisans worked together for the fabrication. His glass eyes are a deep blue. As pictured here the hands and face have optional gold leaf applied, to maintain their lightness as the vane weathers through the browns and then patinas over time. The hubs of the film canisters have optional palladium leaf applied, again creating a realistic contrast that will last.