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Fisherman Weathervane – with Boy

Fisherman with Boy Weather Vane


This tender Fisherman Weathervane with Boy was commissioned as a surprise gift to be presented at a retirement celebration. It depicts a grandfather teaching his grandson to fish. Our customer sent photos of both the grandfather and grandson so we could create this portrait weathervane, capturing the two of them at this special time in their lives.

Both their names were inscribed on the copper dock just below their feet. Copper “good luck” pennies were placed inside each figure symbolizing the year when each of them was born.They were mindful of their creating a family heirloom that could well be in use for many generations to come.

The grandmother specified that they be shown catching a large mouth bass however, because we make each weathervane to order, we can include any type fish desired.  Our customer selected  glass jewels to depict the eye color of each individual. The glass eyes are brown on “PaPa” and topaz on Jackson. These are decisions that are made when the order is being finalized.

In the example pictured optional gold leaf was applied to both figure’s faces, arms and legs. Optional palladium leaf was applied to PaPa’s hair.

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