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Fisherman Weathervane – Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing Fisherman Weather Vane

Ver. 1

For this Fly Fishing Weather Vane, the fisherman was constructed of copper with optional gold leaf accents on hat, vest and hands. The reeds were made in brass. A copper wire represents the water level, and we have captured the moment where he has just hooked a fighting trout!

This weathervane design was originally commissioned by a brother and sister for their dad’s retirement gift. He had built his own successful business in the Chicago area and ran it for 35 years. His dream was to retire to Idaho and spend his summers fly fishing. Today it sits atop his dream home overlooking Idaho’s beautiful Sawtooth Mountains.

Along these lines, we recently finished a portrait weathervane of a grandfather teaching his grandson the art of fishing. It was a gift from his wife in celebration of his 60th birthday. She secretly sent us photographs of the two of them and we tailored her design down to the type of fish they were catching and the tackle box they had placed on the dock!

If you are ‘hooked’ on fly fishing, you might be interested in our other trout weathervane designs including Steelhead, Brown, Rainbow, or Leaping Trout. We also offer Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, Chinook Salmon and if we haven’t yet made the kind of fish in which you are interested, we specialize in custom copper weathervanes and would be happy to explore your ideas with you.