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Fly Fisherman Weathervane Ver. 2

Version II Fly Fisherman Weather Vane


Our Version II Fly Fisherman Weathervane was commissioned as a special anniversary gift. Our customer’s husband loves fly fishing, and they were building a  new home and cupola at the time of their wedding anniversary, so it just made sense to create a special weathervane to celebrate both occasions.

Our customer sent us a photo of her husband, and we used it to personalize the appearance of the fly fisherman in the design. We also sent her a copy of the classic book, The Art of the Weathervane, to give to her husband in time for the actual anniversary.  Our amazing artisan, Rolando, did a great job of making this mirror-image sculpture piece realistic.

The construction for this design is high detail, swell bodied. The metals are copper and brass. These two, while high in contrast when polished, will weather and age to similar, but subtly different tones as the weathervane goes through the patina process. For bright accents, these customers requested optional gold leaf gilding on the fisherman’s face, arms. and the speckles on the fish. Both the fly fisherman and the trout have glass eyes.

And, of course, for a special Anniversary gift, this couple wanted ‘Lucky Pennies’ of important dates in their lives. Two of the pennies cap the copper tube of the arrow and fletching. The rest are sealed inside the fisherman.

This was a great project and we love the final piece.