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Football Weathervane – Player #1

Running Back Football Player Weather Vane


This Football Player Weathervane was commissioned by Denny Marcin, Defensive Line Coach for the New York Jets. He had seen some of our sports related weathervanes on our website and was interested in having us make a Running Back weathervane for him. He worked back and forth with me on the design, even to the point of helping me accurately represent the number of threads that hold a football together!

Over the course of creating this new weathervane, he came to be one of our favorite customers. He was also nice enough to send us photos of the weathervane after he installed it in his backyard overlooking a golf course in North Carolina. Several of his photos are shown here on our webpage.To quote some recent correspondence from him:

…how about these pix! my friends love the vane. great job again. MANY GOLFERS STOP AND LOOK AND WE’VE EVEN HAD SOME GET OUT OF THEIR CARTS AND CHECK IT OUT.

Denny selected optional gold leaf on the football player’s socks, the stripes on his pants, the #5 on his shirt, the stripe and M on the helmet (for Marcin), and his arms and face. He also selected green glass eyes.

As with all our weathervanes, each one is made to individual order and can be tailored to each customer’s individual preferences. Please call if you have a player, a position, or team you want represented in your weathervane.