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Fox Weathervane Sitting

Sitting Fox Weather Vane


The Sitting Fox Weathervane is another variation on our popular fox weather vane designs. For the commission pictured our customer requested we apply optional gold leaf to the inner ears, lower face, chest and tail tip of the fox. We also applied optional palladium leaf to the nose, ears and legs. Brown taxidermy glass eyes with black pupils give it an animated appearance.

An interesting thing about this particular design is the full body twist we have depicted in the body. Weathervanes usually depict a subject in full profile to make it easily recognizable when viewed from a distance. Crafting a weather vane with this twist makes it dynamic and charming but it is also more challenging and requires greater technical skill to create.

This vane is also swell bodied, mirror image (meaning both sides of the vane are exactly the same) so you don’t see the backside of the fox when the wind turns it 180 degrees. Rendering the uplifted front leg so it reads convincingly from both sides was another technical challenge, but we all thought it came out very well.

This Sitting Fox Weathervane was originally commissioned by customers in Maryland who intended to place it atop a cupola on their new carriage house. Here is a quote describing their impressions about their new Weathervane—

Wow! We love the Sitting Fox Weathervane. It is truly a work of art. We were amazed by how realistic it looks, the glass eyes, the way the gold leaf and palladium on the ears make them look three dimensional, and the hammered effect on the body that looks like fur!

…It is gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for anything more suitable. It is perfect!

Though there are 27 species of fox by far the most common species is the Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes). The presence of fox-like carnivores all over the globe has led to their appearance in the popular culture and folklore of many nations, tribes, and other cultural groups. Fox terminology is different from that used for most canids. Male foxes are known as dogs, tods, vixes (plural of vix), or reynards. Females are referred to as vixens, and their young are called kits or cubs, as well as pups. A group of foxes is a skulk.