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Frog Weathervane with Bluebird

Whimsical Frog and Bird Weather Vane


Our bird watching Frog Weathervane with Blue Bird was commissioned by the Wilson Botanical Gardens of North Carolina, to be installed as a part of their newly completed Children’s Secret Garden. It was fun working with them to create this frivolous and lovely piece of a frog standing on a classic ‘toad stool’ (amanita muscaria), holding his binoculars aside to see the bluebird staring at him with an impish glint. The glass taxidermy eyes in the frog and jewel-like blue glass eyes in the bird, pick up so much light and express the mood of the moment.

The sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, and the there is optional gilding in bright, warm gold leaf and cool, silvery palladium leaf to bring out details. As this high detail, swell bodied vane darkens and patinas these gilded areas will become ever more distinct in their contrast.