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Dog Weathervane – German Wirehaired Pointer Pointing

Wirehaired Pointer Weather Vane on Point


We have made German Wirehaired Pointer Weathervanes and German Shorthair Weathervanes for customers in both the United States and Canada. Many of our customers have sent us photos, requesting we match their dog’s markings with optional gold leafing.

We can vary the texture used to create the dog’s fur with special hammers to create a smoother or more wiry coat. In addition, we can add a collar with or without a dog tag in the shape of a heart, circle or dog bone. Your dog’s name(s) can be stamped onto the collar and/or tag. We can also make the dog male or female.

If yours is a hunting dog, you could substitute an optional gun for the horizontal tube under the dog’s paws. Or, grasses and reeds can be added to the horizontal tube to place the dog in a more natural setting. Another option is to include a pheasant, duck or other prey on the horizontal tube just in front of the dog’s front legs.

The German wirehaired pointer, a griffon type breed of dog, is the late 19th century result of the careful mixing of the griffon, Deutscher Stichelhaar, Deutscher Kurzhaar, and the hunting Pudelpointer. By the late 20th century it had become a leading gun dog in Germany. Typically pointer in character and style, the German wirehaired pointer is an intelligent, energetic and determined hunter.