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Globe and Arrow Weathervane

Globe of Earth Weather Vane


This Globe and Arrow Weathervane was an interesting project. It was ordered by an international business for their corporate offices. Our challenge was in taking the subject of a round globe and creating a visually harmonious design that would actually function as a weather vane, spinning in the wind. Our solution was to incorporate a longer than usual arrow with a larger than normal fletching to catch the wind. On the copper tube of the arrow the business name was inscribed.

For this piece we had the copper globe professionally spun, then we fabricated the globe holder, attaching it at the earth’s poles. Finally we applied gold leaf to the globe for all of the earth’s continents.

For ‘Lucky Pennies’ the decision was made to cap each end of the tube. One end has the traditional penny from the year of manufacture, the other end has the year the business was founded.

Weathervanes were first available only to royalty, then to aristocracy. They next went into use as business signage. West Coast Weather Vanes has crafted weathervanes for many businesses, schools, and institutions. We’d love to discuss your project to represent your venture.