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Goat Weathervane – Alpine Doe

Alpine Goat Weather Vane on Mountain Doe


Currently in production here at West Coast Weather Vanes is this lovely Alpine Goat Doe. It was commissioned as a gift to the owners of Idyll Farms. We look forward to showing you pictures of this weathervane when mounted at the farm!

To accent the distinctive features of this Classic Chamoisee Alpine Doe, our customer requested the udder be of brass on the copper body, optional palladium leaf for the facial markings and gold leaf for the collar, bell and farm name on the cross bar fletching (which, by the way, makes for a deductible business expense). Leafing is an optional extra, and cost depends on the extent covered, and current price of the precious metals.

The eyes are hand made of glass to give a realistic look, though the choice of eye color is up to our customer. The collar is also an opportunity to add an inscription.

Alpine Goats now live throughout the world due to their sturdiness and excellent milk production. The proteins and fats of their milk are high quality and it is a very desirable source for cheeses and butter.

The markings on Alpine goats are of such interest and distinction they have been named. And interesting names they are! In addition to the Chamoisees – Two-Tone, Broken and Classic, there are the Cous – Blanc, Clair and Noir, the Pied, and the Sundgau.