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Golf Weathervane – Woman and Man

Golf Weather Vane with Man and Woman


Our customer for this vintage style Woman and Man Golf Weathervane will be mounting it on the observation deck of their Hilton Head Island, South Carolina home. How appropriate for a location renowned for its many golf courses. In 1956 Charles Fraser, an avid environmentalist and developer (a rare combination), opened the Sea Pines Resort, making it his mission to preserve the trees of the region. In 1969 the Heritage Golf Classic was played there and it has been a regular stop of the PGA since.

This weather vane is executed in the highly detailed swell-bodied style. You will see in the photo strip above that these golfers are in mirror image, facing out from both sides. This is fun, as the wind turns the sculpture piece.

This customer chose to have optional gold leaf applied to various parts of the golfers and the flag. The grass textured fletching strip could also have a personalized inscription hammered in, as could the flag. You would also have a choice of glass eye color for the male golfer.

Another way to personalize this weathervane would be to change the era of their attire. Do call if you have any customizations that would make this weather vane pop for you.