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Grey Whale Swimming Weathervane

Grey Whale Weather Vane - Swimming

This Grey Whale Swimming Weathervane finished out the year, and we just got in some lovely photos from a customer with a special story about her new weathervane. It was inspired by her 80th birthday whale-watching expedition with her family. I have her permission to share it here:
“Story of Matey: The night before our whale-watching expedition in August 2022, I was presented with a shirt that said, “Ahoy Matey, Look who’s 80”. All 7 of us wore these shirts when we went out off the coast of Oregon (Depoe Bay) to see the gray whales. When you suggested we name my whale, I immediately thought of “Matey,” and so it is!”
When perusing our website, they spotted our design for a Grey Whale Weathervane. It had not yet been made, so by being the first to order it, they got the #1 in the limited edition series of 50 we will ever make of this design in the large size!
They chose an all-copper whale, but we can also make it with optional palladium-leafed “barnacles,” which would remain bright as their whale quickly patinas in their seaside location.
I’ve included a picture of the design and one of Matey mounted on their home, so you can see how we go from the design to the finished weathervane in place.