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Shark Weathervane – Curved Body

Great White Shark Weather Vane Curved (Carcharodon carcharias)


The Great White Shark Weather Vane, Carcharodon carcharias, shown here is crafted with a copper body and optional gold leaf accents to the shark’s teeth, belly and undersides of the fins. Customers can choose to have their weathervane constructed exclusively of copper, copper and brass, or have gold leaf accents added according to their own aesthetic preferences. For this weathervane, we actually order custom crafted glass shark eyes for a more animated and lifelike appearance.

If you prefer, we offer a variation of the shark, locating it into a seascape environment. When we make the Great White Shark by itself in the large size (three-foot sculpture piece), the body is ~3 feet in size. In the seascape version, in the the large size (again three-foot sculpture piece size), the Great White Shark itself is about two feet long as you also get the additional seascape features such as the kelp and rockfish. The price would be the same either way, it’s just a matter of which version most appeals to you.

We also offer yet another version of this Shark Weather Vane, where the body of the shark is depicted swimming in a straight line rather than with a curved body. If your taste runs to other types of sharks, we all make a very cool looking Hammerhead Shark Weather Vane. One of our customers for the Hammerhead also commissioned us to make a Scuba Diver weather Vane. They were placed quite near each other so you can imagine the drama caused by the shifting wind. One moment, the shark is chasing the scuba diver and the next minute the scuba diver is pursuing the shark!

Interestingly, our Shark weathervanes are popular with lawyers who have a sense of humor. As a case in point, a customer comments:

“Dear LizAnne, Thank you for your help with this project. Everyone loves the weathervane. The Logo for NSU is a shark and this weathervane fits the Law student residence pool and patio area perfectly. Thank you! Gary”