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Guitar Weathervane – Olson Acoustic

Olson Acoustic Guitar Weather Vane


This Olson Acoustic Guitar Weathervane is based on our customer’s personal, custom made, Olson Guitar! It was commissioned in Extra Large, to be mounted at our customer’s Beatles Themed Golf Course. You can read about all of that, including a Yellow Submarine, here. What fun.

The guitar was fabricated in copper by Thomas, one of our amazing artisans. The details and scaling are so perfect. Optional gold and palladium leafing were requested to replicate the details of this beautiful instrument. Study the picture and you will see little special detailing throughout, including the frets, the posts and half of the tuners. These gilded details will remain bright and eye catching for many years as the copper weathers.

Because of winter storm issues on the location, and the broad, flat face of the guitar, the addition of a Security Device was requested to further strengthen the connection of the sculpture piece to the spire. Though the Beatles would have enjoyed writing a song about a flying guitar, best not to have this beauty take flight!

You can also see that some ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates in our customers life have been affixed inside the guitars sounding hole. ‘Lucky Pennies’ is an extension of the old tradition of putting a penny from the year of completion inside each weathervane, establish provenance.

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