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Hawk Weathervane – Northern Harrier Hawk

Harrier Hawk Weather Vane - Northern


Our Northern Harrier Hawk Weathervane (Circus cyaneus) is a favorite with bird watchers, appreciating the way it captures the classic configuration when alighting. Because the artists working with us are so skilled this sculpture piece has precision in its scaling and wonderful detail in the copper repoussé. Each artisan develops their personal set of specialty hammers for creating the effects of feathers, or hair, or fur, or fine grass.

While our hawk weather vanes are sensational visual pieces unadorned, the addition of optional gold or palladium leafing will enhance the contrast of the bird’s natural markings to lovely effect. This gilding will remain in bright contrast to the ferrous copper as it weathers and patinas.

Our customer for the Harrier Hawk pictured here also requested we gild the letters of the directionals and the globes on the vertical stainless steel rod. This created a nice balance with the bright talons, beak, and feather markings.

You may notice a security device installed below the Harrier. All of our sculpture pieces with a ‘wing spread’, be they bird, plane, or butterfly, come equipped with this protection, to prevent them from taking flight in strong winds.