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West Highland Terrier Weathervane in Play Bow with Cat

Westie Weathervane in Play Bow with Cat


Originally ordered as a portrait piece, our Highland Terrier Weathervane with Cat, is quite popular. It seems Westies and Cats being cute together is a common sighting! This sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, in swell bodied style. Our artisans take special care with the repoussé texturing on the fur of the individual pets, creating nice individuality. The animal’s glass eyes are available in a wide range of colors. The collars and name tags can be inscribed with as many as three pet’s names; one on each side, and one on the tag.

When the Persian Cat version was ordered the customer selected optional gold leafing on the dog, and the lighter markings of the cat. This will work to good effect against the busy background of their lovely urban dwelling. This gilding will remain bright and eye catching for many decades as the copper darkens with age.

For these prices you may select from any of our domestic cat designs. We will be happy to discuss pricing if you care to further personalize one of our cats, or this dog.

As can be seen above, two of our customers have kindly sent us pictures of their vane in place on their homes, one in Greece, the other California.