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Hockey Weathervane

Hockey Player Weather Vane


Our Ice Hockey Player Weather Vane was commissioned by a customer in Minnesota as a birthday gift for her husband, who is a BIG hockey fan. They were in the process of building a large garage with two cupolas on top, so she also ordered another of their favorites, our Fiddler on the Roof Weather Vane for the second cupola.

For her Hockey Player Weather Vane, in addition to the standard copper and brass metal combination, she requested optional gold and palladium leaf as well nickel silver to create a more visually interesting sculpture piece. Nickel silver is another non-ferrous metal, along with copper and brass, and will not rust. We also gave him the translucent blue eyes (made from glass jewels) and jersey number number 9 of their favorite hockey player.

If you look closely you will see that the hockey player’s helmet, gloves, #9, pants, boots, and the puck are copper. We gold leafed his face and leggings. His jersey and the arrow fletching were done in nickel silver and we used palladium leaf for the stripe on his pants, the blades on his skates, and the hockey stick. Because we make every weathervane to order, our customers choose the metal combinations we use.

We can personalize this weathervane to reflect your favorite player or as a portrait of a family member. All we need are photos. Whether it is a new skater just starting out, a high school team champion or a professional hockey player, if we have permission to use the image, we can make a weathervane to showcase your passion. Just give us a call and we’ll show you how to get the ball rolling.