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Honey Bee Weathervane

Honeybee Weather Vane


This Honey Bee Weathervane, Apis mellifera, was designed for an entomologist to give as a gift to his insect loving wife. In fact, the entire family had a passion for the insect population here on planet earth. We had fun designing this honeybee, with the help of our client. No amount of looking at pictures can replace expert knowledge on size, shape, and configuration of a specific bee. We adjusted angles on the legs in flight, and the way the pollen was packed on the legs. So, what you are seeing here is a worker bee, fully loaded with nectar and pollen, heading back to the hive. When this bee takes off to forage again, after packing its pollen into the brood chamber, and depositing the flower nectar into a cell for reduction then capping, its angle in flight and physical dimensions when flying out empty will be quite different.

We fabricated this sculpture piece from copper in swell bodied style. Our artisans did a wonderful job on the repoussé texturing to express the sweet bee’s ‘fur’. This will become increasing distinct as it weathers over time.  The customer requested optional gold leaf gilding for the pollen packed on the rear leg hooks, the four wings, and the abdominal stripes. These bright gold elements will remain bright as the copper darkens through colors quite bee-like.

This family also requested an inscription be placed on the vertical tube, which in this extra large size was a possibility, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important dates in their family’s life.