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Horse Weathervane – Antique Trotter, Exclusive

Exclusive Antique Trotter Horse Weather Vane


This wonderfully stylized Antique Trotter Horse Weathervane is now mounted atop our customer’s tennis pavilion. It is such a smoothe and effective design. And it is so effective in swell bodied copper only, with dark glass eyes. We love the active motion of this sculpture piece! Plus, there will never be another just like it!

We are posting this exclusive vane here for your enjoyment and to illustrate there is almost no limit to how far you can let your imagination run, as long as you bring that idea to us with the understanding that we will likely be making some little changes to assure the sculpture piece spins in the wind as a true weather vane must.

If you are inspired by this design please contact us with your ideas for a vane that is your fancy. We would be happy to provide you with pricing information on a new design variation. We would also be happy to discuss custom directionals, arrows, fletchings, and spun bases, if those shown here inspire an option you might want included in your design.