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Horse Weathervane – Jumping with Male Rider

Jumping Horse Weather Vane with Male Rider


Our Jumping Horse with Rider Weathervane was commissioned as a January 2016 80th birthday present. The rider pictured in this portrait piece, was an accomplished equestrian in Switzerland in younger days. His wife chose this weathervane for their new barn in their current homeland, the USA, as a suitably lofty gift for such an important date.

The copper sculpture piece has been fabricated in highly detailed swell-bodied style by our talented artisans. The horse has glass taxidermy eyes. There is a ‘lucky’ penny from 1936 affixed to the end of the horizontal tube depicting ground level under the jumping horse. Special inscriptions commemorating the husband’s birthday were also included on the horizontal copper tube.

The traditional penny from the year of manufacture is sealed inside the sculpture piece.

Here is what these customers wrote when they so kindly sent the installation pictures:

The beautiful weather vane is the crown of our new “Schöpfli” (Barn). We are so happy, and very pleased! 

We would love to discuss adapting this piece for you. The rider can be man, woman, or child. Every weathervane we make is custom in many ways. Fabrication is not begun until the customer has had their personal input. Here is a picture of this sculpture piece with a woman rider.