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Horse Weathervane Patchen

Horse Weather Vane Patchen


This stylized Patchen Horse Weathervane is a replica, commissioned by the State of California to replace the 1877 original sculpture piece which had to be removed for preservation.

It is mounted on top of the carriage house at the Governor’s Mansion State Historic Park.

This is a classic piece that required the skill of our artisans to replicate he smooth lines of the original which was made using a mold rather than hand shaping. It is made in the simple swell bodied style, and true to the original has neither gilding or glass eyes.

The original weathervane has been conserved by a professional objects conservator who cleaned and stabilized it for exhibit in a case inside the carriage house.


Original California Governor’s Mansion Carriage House Weathervane, before restoration.

This public project was not without it’s interesting saga. There were the forms to be filled out guaranteeing the result and the provenance. Rest assured the State of California is very careful with whom they do business, and that fact is well documented. Everyone we worked with on this project was absolutely lovely and we so enjoyed the civic and historical aspect of our participation.