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Horse Weathervane Peruvian Paso

Peruvian Paso Weather Vane


Our high stepping Peruvian Paso Horse Weathervane is popular, and with good reason. These South American beauties are amazing to watch and this vane illustrates their beautiful gait. Here the sculpture piece is fabricated in copper, with optional gold gilding on the mane and tail. Our artisans have created personal sets of hammers for replicating fur and musculature. We love the result here. This customer also requested brown glass eyes, an inscription on both sides of the arrow, and ‘Lucky Pennies’ sealed inside of personally significant dates.

Customers also send us pictures of their horses to further personalize their weather vane into a portrait piece. Because we make every weathervane to order, we are happy to accommodate such detail.

The now-extinct Jennet is perhaps the most important part of the Peruvian Paso/Paso Fino bloodline, as the Jennet was known for its unique four-beat ambling gait. As the Spanish spread across the South and North American continents, they brought their horses with them, breeding more stock from the original imported horses. The conquistador’s horse was bred for stamina, beauty and most importantly the all-day-riding smooth gait.

While the Carribean Paso Fino gaits developed into smooth and quick-moving strides while maintaining the distinct four beats, down in Peru, the Peruvian Paso was being bred specifically to cover long distances on mountain trails, creating a smooth-riding horse with a big, ground-covering stride (this breed also developed termino, or the outward swing of the front legs.)