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Horse Weathervane – Rearing Bronc/Stallion

Stallion Weather Vane


Our Rearing Bronc Horse Weathervane was commissioned by a Mom as a Christmas gift for her son. Her call came late in the year, too late for us to complete her order. When this happens we send out our gift package in time for the lucky recipient to have something to open on the special day.

If you’ve ever been fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of wild horses running and acting up in the wilderness, you will know how exciting, even breathtaking that sight is. Our skilled artisans did a great job of capturing that strong action in this detailed, swell bodied sculpture piece. This vane is fabricated entirely of copper with brown glass eyes. Eye color and metal combinations are chosen when placing your order.

For the version pictured here the family requested a family name inscription in the horizontal bar and to have several ‘Lucky Pennies’ from important family dates sealed in the horse, in addition to the traditional penny from the year of the vanes completion.

This weather vane is one of many in our catalog in the equestrian theme. We would be happy to discuss any personalizations you might like to make to an existing design, or creating a new design if you don’t see what you have in mind.