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Horse Weathervane with Rooster

Horse and Rooster Weather Vane


Our Horse with Rooster Weathervane was originally commissioned by a woman with a small family farm in the California Coastal Range. The horses and chickens were the delight of her children and became the final choice for their homestead as they all made this design decision together. Though not actually a portrait piece, the animals are representative members of their farm community.

This vane is fabricated in high detail swell bodied style. The animals each have glass eyes. The bodies of the animals are of copper with the horse’s mane and tale in brass, and the rooster’s comb, legs, and small sections of the tail. We love the way this piece turned out. It has a certain action to it, with the walking horse and crowing stance of the rooster.

This customer also requested a variety of Lucky Pennies from important years in their family to be placed in the sculpture in addition to the traditional penny from the year the weathevane is ‘sealed up’.

Because all of our weather vanes are made to order, mixing elements from existing weathervane designs is a way to personalize without the expense of a completely new design. We would love to discuss your unique ideas for a weathervane that will delight you.