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Horse Weathervane-Mare Running

Running Mare Weather Vane


Our Running Mare Weathervane originates from many customer requests. We have Mare and Foal Running Weathervanes in our catalog in both Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred, and they are very popular. But after years of comments on how much the running mare element was liked we decided it is time to create a stand alone design and pattern.

It is a copper sculpture piece fabricated by our master artisans in Detailed, Swell Bodied style. In our Mare and Foal Running some customers have requested optional gold or palladium gilding on the manes and tails. It is not essential to the visual effectiveness of the piece but it does add a lovely, eye catching element that increases the visibility, especially if the vane is mounted quite high on a large building. The brightness of gilded parts of a weathervane is particularly effective as the vane weathers and patinas into the darker browns.

Even with a new design, there can be personalizations, because we never make a weather vane in advance of being certain our customer is getting exactly the design they will love. For instance, with the help of personal photos, this design could be customized to become a portrait.