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Horse Weathervane – Saddle Bronc and Cowboy, Version 2

Saddle Bronc Weather Vane with Rider, V2


This incredibly active Saddle Bronc and Cowboy Weathervane, v2, came about after a call from a young couple who wanted to buy a gift certificate for their parents, and let them choose the design. The parents had both been ranching all of their lives, and were now building their retirement home. After receiving their gift certificate and visiting our website they got really excited. Because of their lifetimes in ranching, and the actual working ‘rodeo’ aspects of ranching, they also followed rodeo for fun, and knew they wanted their new home to have a rodeo themed weathervane.

They were very specific in their choices for this design. They studied up on how the metals of this extremely detailed swell-bodied vane will weather and patina, as they selected the metals and optional gilding to be employed. As this piece weathers the brass will darken and the contrast to the copper will lessen as they develop subtle differences. The gold leaf of the rider’s skin and the palladium leaf of the various metal fittings in the tack and spurs will maintain a detail enhancing bright contrast for many decades as this piece changes. These choices are distinct to each rendition and are made by the customer when ordering.

Our master artisans had a really good time with this exciting piece, and would love to make it again as a portrait vane. Every weathervane made here at West Coast Weathervanes is essentially custom, and with the aid of customer photo we can portray a distinct person and/or steed.

Many of our weathervanes are given as gifts. Weddings, birthdays, retirements, business openings and professional accomplishments are all occasions that have been honored with the gift of a custom vane.