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Horse Weathervane – Shetland Pony

Shetland Pony Weather Vane


This frisky little Shetland Pony Weather vane was designed for a stable that worked with familiarizing small children with horses. The customer wanted a more whimsical interpretation for their facility. For this version the customer requested optional gold leafing on the mane and the tail, although it could also be fabricated in copper or brass. They also chose brown glass eyes from our nice selection.

Shetland pony horses are small (on average up to 42 inches (10.2 hh [107 cm] to the withers) but strong for their size and noted for being able pull considerable weight. Ancient equids had lived in Shetland since the Bronze Age, and later breeders crossed them with ponies imported by Norse settlers. The islanders domesticated the resulting Shetland ponies.