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Penguin & Emperor Penguin with Chick Weathervane

Emperor or King Penguin Weather Vane

Adult Penguin On Arrow
Penguin and Chick

The King Penguin Weather Vane, Aptenodytes patagonicus, can be made one of two ways. We can make a single adult penguin (as shown here) or we can make a parent penguin with a chick standing in front of it. If you order the single adult penguin, it will be larger than it would be in the combined adult penguin and chick weathervane. That is because we need to reduce the size of each individual sculpture piece in order to fit two birds onto the same length arrow. Because the penguin has such a recognizable profile, it works well either way. If you are in between two sized weathervanes (for example, a two-foot sculpture piece or a three-foot sculpture piece), and you like the combination version the best, it is probably better to go with the larger of the two sizes.

Emperor Penguin with Chick

Emperor Penguin with Chick

The King Penguin and Emperor Penguin are very close in appearance with only subtle differences in their markings. That is why we offer both a single penguin and penguin and chicks option for both the Emperor and King Penguin Weathervanes. Our penguins are typically made in copper with contrasting optional gold leaf. With this combination, the copper will weather to a deep chocolate brown (almost black) while the gold leaf keeps its light golden tonality. In effect this means the longer the weathervane is outside, the more it will look like an actual penguin.

If you prefer, it can also be made in all copper or using a combination of copper and brass, although the contrast between the different markings will not be as prominent as when we add the gold leaf. The pricing for the optional copper and brass version is about the same as when you add optional gold leaf. Please call us for a quote.

If you are a fan of penguins, in addition to the King Penguin Weathervane featured here, we could craft for you the aforementioned Emperor Penguin, or any of the following: a crested penguin, such as the Rockhopper, or one of the stiff-tailed penguins, such as the Gentoo Penguin, or the Chinstrap Penguin, the Adelie penguin, or even a Little Blue Penguin if that is your preference. Just give us a call. We’d be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

“Dear LizAnne and Ken Jensen, I want to let you know we are very happy with our penguin weather vane. My wife and I are happy to see her every day, as she proudly points her beak into the wind, and works on her patina.”