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Knight on Steed Weathervane-Version 2

Knight on Horseback, V2


Our Knight on Steed Weathervane, Version II, was originally designed for a castle-like home with two turrets. For the second turret our customers selected our Roc Dragon design.* We can just imagine how engaging it is to watch those two chasing each other from their respective turrets in the wind!

This knight in all his pageantry is crafted mostly from copper, in Detailed Swell Bodied style. The saddle and custom spiral installation tube are brass.

For this version optional gilding was chosen to enhance the brilliance of our Knight. In the picture above you will note extensive gold and palladium leafing. The horse has emerald glass eyes and we chased in a personal inscription on the arrow’s tube at the horses feet. Sealed within the sculpture piece are ‘Lucky Pennies’ from significant years for this family in addition to the traditional penny from the year of the weather vane’s creation.

Because this vane was mounted in a high wind area these customers chose to add a security device, which you can see below the arrow and fletchings and above the upper copper globe.

*Here at West Coast Weather Vanes there is always a 10% discount on future orders. But, in the case of ordering two of our weathervanes at once, you enjoy 10% off on both, applicable when the both vanes are built and paid for. Yes it is a sweet deal. We just like showing our appreciation to our great customers!