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Leaf Weathervane Red Oak

Red Oak Leaf Weather Vane


The customer who first ordered this Red Oak Leaf Weathervane wanted to make a statement that complimented his home environment. This vane was to be mounted on the center top cupola of a long and large single story barn located in Connecticut on a site graced with many native red oaks. Because the barn was quite large and the visual background wooded, it was decided that a large sized sculpture piece would be the correct for this vane as seen from ground level.

Sizing a weather vane is always a bit of a complicated formula. One must consider viewing distance, background, and size of the sculpture itself. For instance, if this had been three oak leaves, in the large size, each leaf would have been much smaller, and perhaps an extra large would have been needed to have it ‘read’ properly from the ground.

For the vane pictured, our customer requested optional gold gilding on the veins of the leaf and on the acorns. These bright spots will further enhance the visual perception and contrast of the vane for many decades, as the copper first weathers and then patinas.

Because this vane was adapted from our White Oak Weathervane, the design charges were minimal. Many of our orders happen when customers see something they love on our website and just want a few little changes and personalizations here and there. Because no weathervane is made by us until it is ordered and the design approved by the customer, these little touches are a favorite part of the process.