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Lemon Weathervane – on Arrow

Lemon Weather Vane on Arrow


Our Lemon Weathervane was originally commissioned in large size as a display piece for the top of a gazebo in a shopping plaza in Manhattan Beach, California. The history of Manhattan Beach is colorful, to say the least, and includes a period when one of the larger landholders in the area was growing and experimenting with citrus trees in the sandy soil, even creating new varieties, among them a lime/orange cross. Manhattan Beach was so very sandy that acres of sand were sold and shipped to Oahu, creating the white sand beaches on the once rocky shores of Waikiki!

The lemon is crafted in the swell-bodied style and its leaves are silhouette repoussé. The client requested optional gold leafing on the copper lemon, to create a bright yellow that will add visual impact and clearly communicate its lemonyness.