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Frog Weathervane – Leopard

Leopard Frog Weather Vane - Leaping (Lithobates pipiens)


This Leopard Frog Weather Vane, Rana pipiens, is a variation on our standard Jumping Frog Weathervane. This Leaping Leopard Frog Weathervane is slightly plumper than his earlier counterpart that was inspired by the famous Jumping Frog of Calaveras County.

This frog’s eyes are made from translucent glass which allows light to pass through them when the weathervanes are displayed against the skyline. The effect is very dramatic! People who order this weather vane get to choose the eye color they want. Popular choices of eye color for this vane are green, emerald, red or topaz.

To give this frog additional visual interest we can add optional gold leafed “leopard” spots. As the copper frog’s body darkens and eventually patinas green, the gold leaf spots add a nice visual contrast.

A leopard frog (sometimes called a meadow frog) can mean any frog of about 14 species within the true frog genus. They are similarly colored–green with prominent black spotting that sometimes appears as a leopard pattern. Their range in the North-American subcontinent extends throughout temperate and subtropical North America to northern Mexico, with some species found even further south. They are also found in Europe.