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Lion of St. Mark Weathervane

Winged Lion of St. Mark Weather Vane


The Lion of St Mark is, among other things, the symbol of the city of Venice, Italy – formerly the Republic of Venice. Our winged Lion of St Mark Weathervane was originally commissioned by a couple who fell in love with this charming and romantic city, and wanted a bit of that memory at their home in the United States.

It is said this representation of the Lion of St Mark, with its open book, and assumed sword laid aside, represents a time of peace. The lion is also sometimes depicted with a halo. Our clients requested the classic quote in the open book and the lion’s mane be accentuated with optional gold leaf. The quote says, ‘May Peace be with you, Mark, my evangelist. Here your body will rest.’ This gilding will remain bright for many years and add increasing contrast on the swell-bodied copper sculpture piece as it weathers.

The style of sculpting for this weather vane is a classic and effective combination of mirror and non mirror. You can observe this by noting in the pictures that the lion faces you with an open book from both sides (mirror), while the body is in mid stride (non-mirror).